• 6º Elemento

    6º Elemento

     Our wines are born from the value of the old traditions and the passion to do things with excellence. In short, we have merged the know-how of our ancestors with the best new knowledge and innovation, which allows us to create great wines with the flavor and emotion of yesteryear, together with the purity and perfection of today. Wines that are truly unique and inspiring.

  • Adega do Vimbio

    Adega do Vimbio

    Our wines express the land were we raise our vines. A family-owned property located in the final stretch of the river Miño, belonging to the Rosal sub-zone of the Rias Baixas D.O.

  • Bodega Kieninger

    Bodega Kieninger

    In 2000, and with the help of Martin Kieninger (winemaker and architect) and Ana Montenegro (Medical-Homeopathic), this project began. 4,000 vines from Austria were brought in and planted on his farm located in the Sierra de las Cumbres. In addition, it opted for indigenous varieties, such as Tintilla de Rota and Garnacha Tinta, as well as other French varieties. The tasks that are carried out both in the field and in the winery itself follow the strictest criteria of organic farming and production

  • Bodega La Encina

    Bodega La Encina

    The artisan practice is the basis of the elaboration of our wines

  • Bodega Sauci
  • Bodegas 3 Ases
  • Bodegas Balcona

    Bodegas Balcona

    Family winery that produces organic wine located at the foot of the vineyard in the Aceniche Valley, eight kilometers from Bullas. It is an area of ​​high ecological value and great visual and scenic beauty, declared of natural landscape interest and ZEPA area.

    We are winegrowers and we select sexagenarian monastrell vines, together with small plots of varieties very well adapted to our microclimate such as syrah, tempranillo, cabernet sauvignon and merlot, to make red wines that are the expression of our terroir. In total we have 10 hectares of vineyard.

    In the area where the winery is located we have very cold winters in which temperatures of -12ºC are reached, together with rainfall in the form of snow and rain more abundant than in other areas of Murcia. This makes our wines fresh and full of nuances.

    We have always respected the ecology of the vine and since 2010 the vineyard is ecological, with limited and high quality artisan production

  • Bodegas Cezar
  • Bodegas De Fabula

    Bodegas De Fabula

    We wanted with our logo to capture and try to summarize our philosophy: the earth as the beginning of everything, the tree and its roots, because what is seen is as important as what we do not see and De Fábula is meaningful learning from experience.

  • Bodegas Fernandez Eguiluz

    Bodegas Fernandez Eguiluz

    The family character and the small extension of vineyards make Bodegas Fernández Eguiluz wineries control and pamper and the entire process of our wines, from the traditional working in the field to obtain the best grapes to the most careful winemaking processes for the production of the product. final.

  • Bodegas Frutos Marin - Vinos Malaparte

    Bodegas Frutos Marin - Vinos Malaparte


    When Mariano Frutos  proposed the recuperation of wineries in Cuellar, he became a pioneer in the recovery of winery activity in the area.

    In the small areas of “El Canalizo” and “Montón de Piñas”, near the Virgen de El Henar Sanctuary, and surrounded by pinetrees are situated the 5.5 ha of our vineyards, 3km far from Cuellar


  • Bodegas Sel D'Aiz
  • Boreal Bodegas y Viñedos

    Boreal Bodegas y Viñedos

    We are BOREAL. A small family winery in Cantabria, currently the northernmost vineyards of Spain. We cultivate the vineyards in a logical and sustainable way, seeking to obtain the best grapes in the fields, and elaborate in the winery natural wines with the least possible intervention. 100% grape wine, no additions.

  • Celler Frisach

    Celler Frisach

    Our family farming dates back to over 200 years of heritage, working day by day in the vineyards that bear fruit to produce our wines. Our ancestors bequeathed this land laden future without being aware of it’s potential. The sweat of their work and their love for farming feeds the roots of our history.

    But it was necessary taking a step forward. We are Francesc and Joan, brothers and sons of our family profession. Our project —Celler Frisach— started in 2009 to value their work, value the land and to value their vineyards.

    Celler Frisach raises to claim humility, farming, wine-growing and Corbera d’Ebre. It claims for sensitivity and creativity expressed through our Terra Alta wines variety.

    We are roots, we are Corbera, we are wine.

  • Celler Jordi LLorens

    Celler Jordi LLorens

    The winery that bears the name of the own viticulturist Jordi Llorens is located in the small town of Blancafort, in Conca de Barberà. It is the continuation of a family history, as it represents the eighth generation dedicated to the culture of the vine. From the beginning, Jordi wants to make organic wines with the aim of obtaining high quality products, respecting the environment. Geologist by profession, Jordi demonstrates a natural ability to understand the peculiarities of his region: his wines are full of freshness, authenticity, and express all the aromas and sensations of the Conca de Barberà terroir.


  • Celler Pasanau
  • Chato Gañan
  • Costador Terroir Mediterranis

    Costador Terroir Mediterranis

    COSTADOR  TERROIRS works with Organic Agriculture only in a singular mountain vineyards. (Someone  of them certified). The vineyards are very old, the major part between 60 to 110 years. With different “terroirs” (slake, clay and limestone). They are located in altitudes between 400 to 800 meters. With the high contrast of temperatures, our grapes can mature in a long time and preserves freshness & acidity. We control temperature of all the process in the moment since we pick up the grapes, the fermentation & aging. We also preserve the authentic flavour and taste of the juice grapes, we do the fermentation with wild & autochthon yeast. The major part of the fermentation we done an amphora or stand steel tanks & several uses oaks.  The aging we do in an amphorae & several uses oaks. The final juice is a real & authentic wine with natural taste. We work with autochthon Catalan varieties of grape: Dark varieties: Grenache, Carignan, Dark Sumoll, Trepat. White: Macabeu, Xarel.lo, Sumoll blanc, Parellada, Grenache. We also work with singular & rare terroirs with organic vineyards with varieties like: Marsanne, Rousanne & Biodinamic Pinot Noir. We do wine, sparkling & sweets wines.



  • Cupani - Heredad de San Andres

    Cupani - Heredad de San Andres

    This small winery in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, run by the Eguiluz/Mendoza family, grows its own bush-trained vines. In the vineyards, only sustainable farming practices are used. And in the winery, only premium wines are made. Cupani is the old name of Tempranillo, and the family picks the best grapes from their best plots to make only a limited number of bottles – 20,000 in total – of Cupani, Rielo, Baskunes and Sir Cupani limited-edition wines.


  • El Hato y el Garabato
  • El Mozo Wines - Compañon Arrieta

    El Mozo Wines - Compañon Arrieta

    El Mozo Wines is a small family project with more than 40 years of history located in Lanciego (Rioja Alavesa).

  • Envinate


    At Envínate they prefer fresh, elegant wines without the prominence of wood, very much in the Burgundian style, and looking for three pillars: personality, which is given to the soil; the character, which is given by the vintage, and the soul, which is given by the viticulturist who works the farm. In the winery, its general guidelines are to work with indigenous yeasts and with little sulfur and only before bottling, avoiding racking. They prefer wood and cement to stainless steel for fermentation and use carbon dioxide from fermentation to prevent oxidation and protect wine in the cellar.

  • Esencia Rural

    Esencia Rural

    In the Julian Ruiz Villanueva’s  vineyards there is no irrigation, no mechanization, no chemical treatments, and that has much merit in Castilla La Mancha. With the first harvests of organic melons and peppers, he bought more vineyards and in 1998 he launched into the world of organic wine. In its 100 ha, it grows medicinal herbs and garlic, which they later transform into the famous “black garlic”. Its 50 ha of vineyard are mostly very old: Airén, Tempranillo (Cencibel), Syrah and the Tinto Velasco variety that is unique in the area. It produces about 75,000 bottles that it sells mainly abroad. His winery, next to the house, is inside the town, Quero, in some old wheat storage warehouses, with its thick stone walls that allow it to maintain a good temperature

  • Finca Parera
  • Kirios de Adrada - Adrada Ecológica

    Kirios de Adrada - Adrada Ecológica

    Kirios of Adrada. Jesús Lázaro and Maite Perera have been producing organic wines for a decade, committed to the environment and to the conservation of traditional grape varieties

  • La Zafra

    La Zafra

    We make our wine in a small micro-cellar, with the minimum intervention: without chemicals, correctors, or added sulfites.

  • Los Comuns
  • Loxarel Vitivinicultors

    Loxarel Vitivinicultors

    The personality and character of Josep Mitjans transpires in its ecological and biodynamic wines. The connection with the earth and the relationship of the terroir with everything around it, with the universe, characterizes dynamic wines that breathe landscape and transport the palate to Penedès; some sparkling wines with personality and character, and some natural wines with essence, that reconnect with the earth and the spark of life that is in it.


  • Oxer wines

    Oxer wines

    Oxer Wines produces its wines in two different areas, in Orozko, Vizcaya, and in Laguardia, in the heart of Rioja Alavesa.

  • Roberto Regal

    Roberto Regal

    Roberto Regal is a special person in the world of wine and perhaps even more so in the Galician wine world. Winemaker, colleiteiro, entrepreneur and tireless creator, rare bird in the Ribeira Sacra and “xeitoso” man (curious, crafty in Galician) and honest in his ancient profession.

  • Vinos con Personalidad

    Vinos con Personalidad

    The history of Vinos con Personalidad starts from the hand of Pablo Vidal who has decided to make wines in Galicia with a different character.