Tinta Velasco

This is a variety of red grape identified in various places in the Rioja Baja subzone where it was known as Graciano de Alfaro. It was not until the early 1990s that this variety was shown to be unrelated to the Graciano variety.

Tinta Velasco variety is considered as a Spanish grape variety despite not being recognized as an authorized variety in any appellation of origin in Spain.

It is a variety of early sprouting, of good fertility, with late maturation and medium yields.

Tinta Velsaco bears many similarities to Tempranillo although with a slightly larger berry size and later maturation. The clusters are medium in size with bluish maroon berries and a good size. It has few phenolic compounds and a low concentration of tannins, especially when the variety has not fully matured.

It produces wines with adequate intensity of color and tonality similar to Tempranillo, however, in the aroma it does not have any remarkable note. In the mouth they are correct, medium-bodied and pleasant wines with good acidity. 


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