Grey Grenache

Variety of red grape typical of the Community of Catalonia where it is also known as Garnacha Peluda, Lledoner Gris or Lledoner Pelut. Possibly its origin is the mutation of the Red  Grenache variety, and the name “Grey” is due to the fine hairiness of the skin, giving the dark tone of the epidermis a whitish patina. It is also cultivated in Aragon and La Rioja, although in general it is not a very common variety.

A Mediterranean environment with poor, slaty and arid soil, like that of the Priorat region, has been the perfect habitat for the grey Grenache, obtaining magnificent wine-producing results, where in other regions it had high contents of vegetable tannins.

It is a strain that is not affected by late frosts due to its delayed vegetative cycle. It has good fertility, but is sensitive to bleed. Of late maturation, entered October, therefore it is susceptible to botrytis in a scene of autumn precipitations.

The strain has an upright bearing stem. The cluster size is medium, compact and with loose shoulders. The spherical berries are medium-small in size, they are bluish blackish in color and thick skin.

The Grey Grenache wines give a good alcohol content.

It is common for this Grey Grenache grape to be used in coupage to achieve a greater intensity of color and give more fruit to the wine. It is involved in the blending of white and rosé wines.


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