Variety of red grape originating in Catalonia that we can find in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, it is indigenous to Conca de Barberá, in Catalonia, where it occupies a very small area and is used above all to make rosé cavas, as it gives little color to wines reds. It is allowed in the Denominations of Origin Costes del Segre and Conca de Barberá.


The Trepat grape is characterized by large and compact bunches, with berries that are also large and round. It is a grape of early sprouting and late maturation, whose harvest is usually made in October.

Mostly rosé cavas are made with the trepat grape, although there are also wineries that make good red wines with this variety. They usually produce fresh and light wines, with fruity and spicy notes on the palate. The cavas are usually of great aromatic intensity, very fresh and tasty.

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