Moscatel wines, is synonymous with floral aromas, delicate and elegant wines, especially it is known for the quality of the wines that are made with it.

Considered the Mediterranean grape and appreciated in many areas as an improver variety, it is capable of producing table grapes, still wines, sweet wines and generous wines.

The Moscatel grape is widespread throughout most of the world that has wine production, being one of the most planted white varieties.

In Spain the areas with the highest planting density are Valencia and Malaga, although we find muscat in areas such as Andalusia, Rioja or the Canary Islands.

In the rest of the world, Portugal stands out with its Moscatel de Setúbal, Chile and Australia.


It is a plant that adapts very well to drought, although it is very sensitive to cold.

The best production areas are those that have a warm climate and, above all, the areas that have the influence of the Mediterranean Sea stand out, since its climate allows the plant to develop properly.

The plant is late-maturing, medium-sized and very sensitive to vineyard diseases such as mildew or powdery mildew.

The grapes are round and large, with a very aromatic pulp and thick skin. The clusters are large and not very homogeneous in size.

They have a high oenological potential and are good grapes for racking or for table grapes.

Muscat wines:

The wines of the Muscat variety stand out for their great aromatic load, being wines that can be dry, natural sweet or naturally sweet.

They are grapes that with their must can make great mistelas.

On the nose are wines that have a good aromatic load, with floral and sweet aromas.


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