Viognier is a white grape from the Rhone Valley, France. Outside of France, the viognier can be found in other European countries and in the New World.

Viognier matures optimally and can reach 15 degrees of alcohol, although wines with low acidity are obtained. Its typical color is an unmistakable golden yellow. In general, it is drunk in its first years of life to appreciate all the splendor of this grape. Strong structure, with a long finish in the mouth. Although it is not a variety with great longevity - it is also interesting when it enjoys the favors of a brief aging in oak barrels.

Viognier is a breed that has its main enemy in the spring frosts. Difficult to grow, low yield, weak constitution and strong character, very aromatic whites are produced from this grape, with a high alcohol content, low acidity and an unmistakable golden yellow color.



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