Sumoll Blanc

Sumoll Blanc is rare white grape variety from Tarragona in the Catalan wine region. DNA analysis shows that it is not related to the red grape Sumoll.

It has good fertility in loose and well drained soils, admitting short pruning. Frost resistant due to its early sprouting due to accumulation of hours of sunlight, it is quite sensitive to powdery mildew, botrytis and cluster moths, making it a difficult strain to grow. With high press yields, you can reach varied alcohol concentrations depending on the wine you want to obtain.

The strain is weak, with short, forked tendrils and a small, compact cluster. The berries are equally small, spherical and olive-green in color. Fresh, carbonic wines are obtained, with aromas of citrus and green apple, consumed at a very low temperature and as soon as possible.


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