Hondarrubi Zuri (Gros Courbu)

Hondarribi Zuri grape is a white variety native to the Basque Country with which the typical white wine of the area, Txakolí, is made. Covered in the two denominations of the area, the Bizkaiako Txakolina and Getariako Txakolina, being the majority in this second denomination. Until the 19th century there were many hectares of hondarrabi zuri in the region. It is a little productive vine, so it did not manage to recover the previous number of hectares. It rarely exceeds 8,000 kg / ha or 60 hl / ha.

Some Basque producers mix the hondarrabi zuri with the red variety hondarribi beltza or with small amounts of petit corbou and gros manseng, to create wines with more aromatic complexity.

They produce grapes and small bunches. The wines have intense aromas of pear and exotic fruits, as well as citrus, herbaceous and floral nuances, with notable acidity and a medium to moderate alcohol content. In good vintages, when the ripening circumstances are optimal, aromatic, powerful and very balanced wines can be obtained



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