Hondarribi Zuri Zerratia (Petit Courbu)

The Hondarrabi Zuri Zerratia is a variety of white grape typical of the Basque Country with which the Txakolí white wine is made.

Its vines are cultivated on trellises in granite soils and, although we find it distributed throughout the territory, this white variety is found mostly in inland areas. Of French origin, it is believed, it is found in the three Basque denominations but to a greater extent in the Bizkaiako Txakolina In the other two denominations, Getariako Txakolina and Araba Txakolina, this variety can only participate in the blending of its wines in a maximum of 20 %. Hence its lower cultivation.

Related to the other queen variety, the Hondarribi Zuri, its name comes from Zuri (white in Basque) and Zerratia (closed). And it is that the cluster of this variety is small and closed, compact. Its vines are grown on trellises and oriented to the sun to make the most of its light.

The white wines of Hondarrabi Zuri Zerratia are highly aromatic, with elegant and subtle floral notes above the fruit trees. It provides balance and a pleasant bitter touch in the mouth that accompanies us, especially in its finish.


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