Tintilla de Rota

The tintilla de Rota grape is a sister variety of the Graciano Rioja grape or the Parraleta del Somontano, which is grown in the surroundings of Marco de Jerez, mainly in the municipality of Rota, on the northwest coast of the province.

It is not a very productive grape, it hardly provides a late bunch per branch, usually small and with low-caliber spherical berries, which makes its cultivation and winemaking much more expensive. In compensation for its low performance, it is highly resistant to heat and low humidity, as well as to diseases, specifically the Botrytis cinérea fungus. The pulp is hard and colorless, with a high content of sugars, medium acidity and an intense black skin of fine skin that provides very dark colored wines in almost violet red tones, full-bodied and a strongly aromatic flavor between sweet and bitter, ideal for aging wines.


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