Blaufränkisch (German for blue Frankish) is a dark-skinned variety of grape used for red wine. Blaufränkisch, which is a late-ripening variety, produces red wines which are typically rich in tannin and may exhibit a pronounced spicy character.

The Blaufränkisch vine is known as an early budding variety that can be susceptible to early spring frost. It is a late ripening variety, and tends to be planted in warmer vineyard sites. Among the  viticultural hazards that Blaufränkisch is most prone to are powdey and downy mildews.

Blaufränkisch is considered a high productive vine capable of producing high  yields fairly easily. In some parts of Europe it is not uncommon to see it harvested at 100  hectoliters/hectare (approx 5.3 ton/acre). However over-cropping the vine has a tendency to produce thin wines with lots of green, weedy notes

Blaufränkisch wines have aromas of dark ripe cherries and dark berries, are spicy, have mediumtannin levels and sometimes very good  acidity. Young wines are deeply fruity and become more velvety, supple and complex with  age. When blended with other varieties, Blaufränkisch often contributes acidity and structure to the blend.

In food and wine pairings,Blaufränkisch/Lemberger are often paired with lamb dishes and grilled meats


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