The Tardana also called Nova Plant or tortozón is a type of Spanish white grape (Vitis Vinifera) originating in Valencia, it is a late-ripening grape and one of its qualities is the hardness of its skin that allows it to have a longer life. For this reason, among other reasons, it is used for both table consumption like a fruit, but also for winemaking. In fact, the first vintages are to be eaten and the following are already destined for the cellars to transform into wine. The harvest takes place late, even after the red varieties.

Thanks to the hardness of its skin we can have a slow, balanced and complete maturation without rot problems, which allows us to produce white wines with moderate and balanced graduation, adapted to climate change, without correcting in the cellar.

The wines have a characteristic and intense aroma of white fruits, are suitable for long aging on lees, obtaining full-bodied wines with a moderate alcohol content. They are very gastronomic wines because their slow maturation allows them to perfectly integrate all their flavors and aromas, obtaining complete, balanced wines, with long drinks and integrated acidity, perfect to pair with our Mediterranean cuisine.


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