Bobal is a variety of red grape. It is native to the Utiel-Requena region. Gives a more acidic and less alcoholic wine than most of the Spanish varieties

It is a large strain, semi-erect in shape, with thick erect and dense branches. It is thick and round grain.

The vine has light green leaves that in summer, around August, become pigmented, turning yellowish and reddish and that fall soon when autumn arrives. The clusters, very large and very dense, can reach three or four kilos. It has a very hard skin and a somewhat acidic juice.

It has a high fertility and gives a medium-high production. It is very resistant to drought. Best suited to loose, airy floors. It adapts well to short pruning. It is sensitive to powdery mildew and botrytis. Its ripening and overflowing periods are medium or late. Great potential for organic viticulture.

It produces wines with a dark cherry color with violet tones. It offers a light aroma with herbaceous tones and medium acidity. It is a rough wine with a high tannin content. Before it was used as grass wine to mix with airén. Good results are currently being obtained in the production of fresh and fruity rosé wines. Suitable for aging in barrels and base of excellent young red wines.


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