Listan blanca

The Listán blanca is a variety of grape grown in the Canary Islands that provides wines with curious nuances between ripe grapes and wild herbs. It offers a balsamic background, especially if it comes from vineyards located on difficult and dry terrain (Valle de Güimar).

It is a medium budding grape, highly productive, sensitive to powdery mildew and anthracnose.

Its bearing is semi-erect, with long and forked tendrils, with a long, slightly compact cylindrical cluster, being broad on the shoulders.

The clusters are numerous, large and leafy; the berries are medium to large in size, oval, golden in color, with thin skin and high amounts of juice.

The single varietal wines of Listán blanco have good acidity and a good alcohol content, are glyceric in the mouth and with a drying and somewhat fiery finish. Its exclusive mineral aromas from the Canary Islands, makes them unique.


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