Xarel.lo Vermell

Xarel.lo vermell is a Catalan autochthonous variety also known as cartoixà vermell or cartoixà marí. It is a mutation of xarel.lo, with somewhat thicker and more colored skin than that of the former, which results in a somewhat later harvest and a timidly pink color.

Despite having been widely cultivated in the Penedés, the arrival of Cava ended it almost completely, coming to be considered almost extinct (just over 2 ha). However, a growing group of winegrowers is replanting and re-grafting it, especially in Penedés and in the province of Tarragona, obtaining wines of surprising character that seem to be creating a domino effect among wineries.

When it is harvested at its optimum point of maturation, it is able to offer surprising aromatic complexity that combines the aromas of fennel typical of the white variety with hints of wild strawberries sprinkled with fine salty touches. At sight it shows reddish and orange tones; In the mouth, the Xarel • Lo Vermell wines are broad and silky, smooth and elegant, friendly and easy to drink. They communicate the minerality of the terroir with transparency and usually dress its finish with sparkling bitter tones.

They are fresh wines, somewhat longer than those of xarel • white and with aromas that can revolve around peach, grapefruit and even mint. When working its lees it adds density and structure to the whole.

Given its perfect balance between fruit and freshness, it is also a fantastic variety for making sparkling wines. Its versatility does not end there, because at the table it also allows infinity of combinations, from seafood rices, to smoked fish, appetizers, pickles or grilled vegetables.


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