Malvar is a Spanish grape variety used in the production of medium-bodied white wines. Indigenous to the Madrid region, Malvar is considered a regional specialty but remains relatively unknown, even in Spain. The majority of Malvar is grown at high altitudes (up to 2000ft/610m) to ensure that the variety retains its intensity and has enough acidity to keep it fresh.

Once vinified, Malvar displays a range of tropical aromas and flavors, but it can also take on more rustic characteristics. It requires a fairly long growing season, which is not a problem in Spain, but it is still not widely cultivated. Interest in Malvar appears to be increasing and it is likely that, as Madrid's winegrowing reputation improves, more of this variety will turn up in export markets.

Food matches for Malvar include:

-Salad with chicken and shrimp

-Chicken korma curry

-Hot smoked salmon with broccolini


                                                 Malvar grape


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