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In the Julian Ruiz Villanueva’s  vineyards there is no irrigation, no mechanization, no chemical treatments, and that has much merit in Castilla La Mancha. With the first harvests of organic melons and peppers, he bought more vineyards and in 1998 he launched into the world of organic wine. In its 100 ha, it grows medicinal herbs and garlic, which they later transform into the famous “black garlic”. Its 50 ha of vineyard are mostly very old: Airén, Tempranillo (Cencibel), Syrah and the Tinto Velasco variety that is unique in the area. It produces about 75,000 bottles that it sells mainly abroad. His winery, next to the house, is inside the town, Quero, in some old wheat storage warehouses, with its thick stone walls that allow it to maintain a good temperature

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