The Verdejo Blanco, or simply Verdejo, is a white grape from Spain. It is the product of a cross between the traminer (also known as savagnin) and the white Castilian.

Between Segovia and Ávila (in the triangle formed by Coca, Santa Mª la Real de Nieva and Arévalo) and Medina del Campo (the old “Tierra Medina Wines” disappeared since the 1950s and therefore moved to Rueda where it comes from the DO Rueda) in Valladolid is where the best glass, century-old, pre-phylloxera and clone varieties of Verdejo are planted that exist in Spain and in the rest of the world.

Agronomic characteristics.

Its name comes from the green color of its berries. The vine is not very vigorous, horizontal bearing. Not very fertile, generally its average production is 1.7 kg grape / vine. Its clusters are small. They adapt to not very fertile and also clay soils. Moderately well resistant to drought. However, a long pruning must be done to increase its production.

The berry is medium in addition to uniform. Its skin is green-yellow, as well as fine. Its pulp has no pigmentation. The grape is very juicy and flavorless.

Very sensitive to powdery mildew.

Verdejo wines

Currently they are wines with a medium alcohol content. Excellent acidity, between medium and high. The color range of these wines ranges from pale yellow to greenish yellow with steely tones. Very aromatic and intense. Fatty. With nuances of dried, wild, mountain herbs etc. Aromas also of ripe fruit, floral. They are full-bodied wines, powerful but with a certain smoothness. The aftertaste leaves us with a fresh and fruity flavor as well as a fine bitterness.


                                          Verdejo grape

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