Albillo  is a white  Spanish wine grape variety planted primarily in the Ribera del Duero region, and also in Madrid, Avila and Galicia. The grape has mostly neutral flavors with a light perfume aroma. It has a high  glicerol index which confers smoothness to the wines.

It is sometimes added to the red wines of the Ribera del Duero for added aromatics. 

The berries are average sized, with round shape and green in colour. Bunches are small and compact. They have an early ripening and the harvest time falls in the middle of August in Spain. It produces wines with tropical notes.

Albillo is capable of producing good quality white wines that are rich and complex in aromas. Old wines produce fruit concentrated wines.

When aged nicely in oak, they intake a toasty flavour. We get a flavour of tart, mint fresh lemons and green apples. It is fairly good in acidity and its sour flavour is a bit difficult to be consumed singly.

Food Pairings

White wine tends to be drier than the red wines, although there are some sweet varieties too. The light bodied white wines are perfect for serving with summertime dinners.

Spanish dishes like Scallops, paella, jumbo salad are made to pair with Albillo white wines.



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