Here we have a grape variety with great legend. It is guessed that the origin of the Syrah wien grape variety is located in the ancient Persian city of Shiraz, that now is in Iran. It was brought to Europe by Phoenician and Greek traders, and later brought to the Mediterranean coast of France, where they rose its main colonies.

It is here, on the Côte d'Azur and throughout the Rhône Valley where the Syrah wine grape variety begins to take center stage thanks to the ever more refined techniques of wine making that began to be applied in the 18th century. Acquiring a great fame thanks to the Hermitage wines, famous all over the world and whose vineyards came to vine growers from all over the world to get seeds and cuttings to plant in their own fields.

In this way, Syrah wine grape variety spread throughout the wine regions throughout Europe and throughout the New World. The United States, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are the countries where this variety was most welcome.

The Syrah wine grape variety is characterized by being a grape whose colour is between blue and black. It is covered by a thick skin that contains a very juicy pulp. The berries are medium-sized, elliptical in shape and have a thick, hard skin

The Syrah grapes grown into compact and elongated clusters, of medium size and with a long peduncle. The vine is cultivated in granite and pebbly terrains, forming vigorous strains of upright and delicate vine shoots. It is one of the red varieties that ripens more precocious, and therefore, one of the first to be harvested.


Syrah Wines

The Spanish wines made from the Syrah wine grape variety turn red and dark; with a high concentration of very soft tannins, which give it its characteristic and intense aroma. In the range of young wines they have aromas reminiscent of villettes, ripe fruit, such as currant, blackberries and raspberries. When it spends time in the barrel it acquires nuances of leather and vanilla, creating complex and very soft wine.



Barbacue, especially sparetribs, Braised beef, Cheese (especially aged hard cheeses), Chicken,

Duck, Grilled meats and vegetables, Hamburguers, Lamb (especially roast leg of lamb), Mushrooms, Osso Bucco, Pork, Sausage, Steak and chops, Tuna, Veal, Venison

                                                             Syrah grape

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