The white variety of godello grapes is native to Spain, specifically Galicia. It is mainly present in the DO Valdeorras and also in El Bierzo, in the province of León. In Galicia it can also be found in DO Monterrei and Ribeiro, where it is the third most planted variety. The godello is native to the slopes of the Sil River.

The bunch is very small, of conical form, and the berry is of medium-sized size. It presents an elliptical form and a color between green and yellow. The variety godello is a type of vine sensitive to the moisture and to the cold. For it, it needs a big care throughout the whole year. This way, he adapts himself better to the growth in dry soils..

The wines elaborated with this variety reach a graduation ranging from 11,5 to 12,5 º. They have a yellow straw color, are scented and durable in time. They evolve slowly and have a great body. Its aromas are apple-reminiscent with fruit and mineral touches.


                                                       Godello grape

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