Variety of white grape native to Galicia, and main crop in the DO Rias Baixas. Probably they were the Cluny monks, in the s. XII, who extended the cultivation of this grape, of possible German origin, from the Armenteira monastery in the Pontevedra region of ‘O Salnés. Every year, on the first Sunday of August, the Albariño Festival is held in Cambados, the capital of this white wine.

The white grape Albariño is a variety very sensitive to the mildiu and in unfavorable climatological situations to the landslide.

The strain has semi-erect branches. The cluster of early maturation and medium vigor, is medium-small size, compact, with a loose shoulder and pyramidal. The berry is small, spherical with a thick green-yellow skin dotted with freckles.

The musts of the Albariño variety require cold macerations. It gives a good alcoholic and glyceric degree, also a high acidity, so wines of a long longevity, concentrated and enveloping are obtained.
The white wine Albariño is a wine of yellow-straw tones with golden and green flashes. Fruity and elegant aromas. On the palate they are fresh and soft wines, full-bodied, alcoholic and balanced, with broad nuances                

                                                                Albariño grape

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