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In 2000, and with the help of Martin Kieninger (winemaker and architect) and Ana Montenegro (Medical-Homeopathic), this project began. 4,000 vines from Austria were brought in and planted on his farm located in the Sierra de las Cumbres. In addition, it opted for indigenous varieties, such as Tintilla de Rota and Garnacha Tinta, as well as other French varieties. The tasks that are carried out both in the field and in the winery itself follow the strictest criteria of organic farming and production

Winemaking takes place in the basement of the Kieninger family's country house. The fermentation tanks are made of high quality stainless steel with a maximum capacity of one thousand liters. The elaboration is carried out following the traditional style that respects the natural fermentation characteristics of the grape. Additional chemicals will be avoided throughout the process. The aging takes place in high quality oak barrels for a period of between six and twenty months. This maturation process is carried out in a cellar covered in stone and underground.

The vineyard

In the year 2000 we started, after an in-depth study of the soil and the climate, with the plantation. Approximately 4000 vines were planted on one hectare of surface in a space of 1.2 m by 2.4 m each. We start the plantation with the great French varieties, the Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc, and with Merlot and Pinot Noir plants. As a second line, initially experimental, we planted the most prestigious Austrian red varieties, the Blaufraenkisch and the Zweigelt. The result surprised ……… not only us. In 2010 we expanded 2 ha more and added two autochthonous varieties such as Tintilla de Rota and Garnacha Tinta. The entire vineyard is surrounded by a natural hedge of Pomegranates, Quinces, Hawthorn, and Blackberry, among others, to provide the various Insects and Microorganisms a refuge, thereby creating an ideal natural balance to avoid the proliferation of pests and diseases. The treatments of the plants in the vineyard are done through biological means. We use beneficial organisms such as Bacilus Turingensis, natural oils, soaps and even milk, which also strengthen the plants; Copper and sulfur preparations are used only in minimal amounts, when weather conditions require it. Of course, all this following the control criteria of the Organic Farming Committee.


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